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Download Pharma Related Useful Files

  1. Guidelines for Accreditation of B.Pharm
  2. Pharmacy Ordinance-1976
  3. Pharmacist’s Code of Ethics
  4. The Drugs Act-1940
  5. The Drugs Control Ordinance-1982
  6. The Bengal Drugs Rules-1946
  7. Registration Procedure of Allopathic Medicines
  8. Quality Policy of DGDA
  9. Quality Manual of DGDA
  10. Primary Healthcare List
  11. Price Fixation Procedure
  12. Price Fixation Policy
  13. Pharmacy Education & Career Opportunities Pharmacists in Bangladesh
  14. National Drug Policy-2005 (In English)
  15. List of Homoeopathic Medicine Manufacturer
  16. List of Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  17. List of Unani Medicine Manufacturer
  18. List of Valid Source
  19. National Drug Policy-2005 (In Bangla)
  20. List of Herbal Medicine Manufacturer
  21. List of Foreign Drugs
  22. List of Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer
  23. List of Essential Drugs
  24. Inspection Check List Manufacturing
  25. HPLC User Guide
  26. Guidance on Clinical Trial Supervision
  27. Guidance for Industry
  28. Drug Rule-1945
  29. Different Fee in DGDA
  30. Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices
  31. Citizen Charter of DGDA
  32. Book Let of DGDA
  33. Application Systems in DGDA
  34. The National Drug Policy of Bangladesh-1982