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A Great Human Prof. Dr. Abul Hasnat Being left us !

abul-hasnat-morn(Shafi Uddin Ahmed Jewel): Prof. Dr. Abul Hasnat Sir – a great human being, a great scholar, a great scientist, a great teacher, a great guide, a great mentor and so on ….

I was quite fortunate to get the opportunity to be a student of Hasnat Sir & to learn something from him during my student life in Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka. During our B.Pharm, Sir took our Physical Chemistry classes in 1st year and Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry in 4th year and M.Pharm. I got the great opportunity to do my M.Pharm thesis under the supervision of Hasnat Sir in ICDDR,B during 2005-2006. As I was doing job in a Pharmaceutical Company at that time, I couldn’t give sufficient time in Enteric Microbiology Lab in ICDDR,B and I didn’t go to the lab regularly & didn’t stay there for sufficient time that I should do to perform my thesis work.

As a consequence, one day, my supervisor (Professor of Microbiology department) in that lab. told me not to go to that lab. further. That means, he just threw me out of the lab. due to my irregular attendance. My thesis was in uncertainty at that moment. This issue was quite embarrassing for Hasnat sir as he sent me to ICDDR,B to do my thesis under the supervision of his senior friend (Professor of Microbiology Department) with great hope.

I talked to Hasnat Sir about this issue and he helped me extremely though the incident was quite embarrassing & unfortunate for him. Sir didn’t scold me at all as he understood my condition. Then Hasnat sir convinced my supervisor in the lab. in ICDDR, B to allow me to complete my thesis. Hasnat sir did this not only because I was his M.Pharm thesis student but also because he was a great human being, great mentor, great guy who used to inspire people & his students by his presence, by his inspirational words.

Stay fine – Sir wherever you are ! Stay in peace !

We will be thankful to you forever !

We, all of your students, your friends, your colleagues & your familiar ones will remember you always with due respect for your deeds that you did during your lifetime !

Shafi Uddin Ahmed Jewel
Senior Development Manager,
Eskayef Bangladesh Limited

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