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Pharmacists Work for Disease State Management in Health Care System


(Prof. Dr. Sheikh Feroz Uddin Ahmed): Disease State Management (DSM) is a systematic approach provided by the health-provideres (doctors, pharmacists, nurses and the other healthcare professionals) through their enhanced compliance to the standardized treatment guidelines in achieving the health outcomes to the patients of a population of a healthcare system. DSM provisions are done through individualized outcome directed therapeutic cares to patients.

DSM utilizes involvement of the multi-disciplinary health-provideres for the patient care. These systems uses evidence-based healthcare practices in deciding the therapeutic outcomes to the individualized patient of a population.

DSM programs are aimed to manage the chronic disease states, like diabetes, cardiac and respiratory disorders, etc. In such a health management system each patient is proactively decided by a healthcare team; how to treat and manage the health conditions at the different stages of the disease state. Those care plans are established from the evidence-based treatment guidelines.

Effective drug therapy is an integral part of DSM programs. Pharmacists are professionally calibered well in contributing to achieving the goals of DSM interventions through their role in reaching effective medication therapy management. Also that, Pharmacists are significantly contributing in different aspects in bringing success to the DSM schemes in different countries of the world.

Many diseases and disease states are leftover untreated in Bangladesh and many other countries of the world. Through consistent multidisciplinary healthcare deliveries, DSM can ensure cost-effective therapeutic outcomes to the population. So, DSM programs are successfully becoming more popular in the healthcare systems of the different countries of the world.

We the Bangladeshis, shouldn’t stay behind in adopting DSM schemes in our healthcare system. Bangladeshi Pharmacists have to approach to the national stakeholders in adopting & enhancing their roles in the disease indicated therapeutic utilization of drugs to the patients. And pharmacy education of Bangladesh needs more incorporation of the clinical and practice oriented pharmacy courses in the undergraduate and graduate programs.

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