About Us

Pharma Jogot is one the Pioneer of the Pharma Web Portal in the world which was established on January 01, 2008. From the beginning of this site, it had different names and also provided different services in the Pharma arena. Finally, on July 07, 2013, it was renamed as Pharma Jogot and started with more features & services. It provides a complete solution to any requirements related to Pharmacy education and the Pharmacy profession. This site is regulated by a group of experienced people in the field of Pharmacy. We provided you with all the information free of cost.

In addition, we are also connected with some Institutes/Universities, Organizations & Pharmaceutical companies for conducting educational & professional support. Actually, we want to develop Pharmacy students & Pharmacy professionals very updated with the developing world.

The objective of Pharma Jogot is: “To provide professional knowledge and information about various aspects of pharmacy education and pharmacy practice”.

Pharma Jogot is trying to provide the best services for the development of Pharmacy education and pharmacy practice. If you have any feedback i.e., suggestions, comments, or complaints regarding this site, please feel free to contact us to make this site more attractive and useful to all concerns.