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beximco-logoBeximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of medicines in Bangladesh. Incorporated in the late 70s, Beximco Pharma began as a distributor, importing products from global MNCs like Bayer, Germany, and Upjohn, USA, and selling them in the local market, which were later manufactured and distributed under licensing arrangements. Since then, the journey continued, and today, Beximco Pharma is one of the largest exporters of medicines in Bangladesh, winning the National Export (Gold) Trophy a record four times.

The company continues to adhere to global standards and its manufacturing facilities have been already certified by the regulatory authorities of the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, Latin America, and South Africa. Over the last three decades, Beximco Pharma has grown from strength to strength but the simple principle on which it was founded remains the same: producing high-quality generics and making them affordable. Ensuring access to quality medicines is the powerful aspiration that motivates more than 3,000 employees of the company, and each of them is guided by the same moral and social responsibilities the company values most.

Manufacturing Facilities
The main manufacturing site is spread across a 22-acre area located near the capital city, Dhaka, which houses facilities for manufacturing tablets, capsules, intravenous fluids, liquids, creams, ointments, suppositories, metered dose inhalers, ophthalmic drops, large-volume parenteral, sterile ophthalmics, prefilled syringes, lyophilized injectables, etc. The site has its own utility infrastructure to ensure adequate generation and distribution of electricity with an installed capacity of 10 MW, besides having water purifying and liquid nitrogen generation facilities. Our penicillin units (both API and formulation) are located separately at Kaliakoir, 21 km from the main site.

•    Tablets & Capsules
•    Inhalers
•    Eye drops
•    Intravenous (IV) Fluid
•    Syrups & Suspensions
•    Nasal Spray
•    Pre-filled Syringe
•    Lyophilized Injectables
•    OSF

GMP Accreditations
Benchmarked to the highest global regulatory standards, Beximco Pharma’s manufacturing facilities have been audited and approved by the following global agencies:
•    Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia
•    AGES (EU)
•    Health Canada (Canada)
•    ANVISA (Brazil)
•    TFDA (Taiwan)

Contract Manufacturing Opportunities
The rising cost of healthcare and medicines has become a global concern, and in order to reduce costs across the value chain, pharmaceutical companies from developed markets continue to look for suitable partners in developing countries for shifting or outsourcing their production. With decades of experience in generic drug manufacturing, world-class capabilities as well and significant cost advantages, Beximco Pharma can be an ideal partner for you to meet your contract manufacturing needs.  Since its inception, Beximco Pharma has established itself as a reliable partner for a number of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. The company has maintained a track record of sound professionalism and its management has always adhered to international standards providing a culture and working environment similar to that of a multinational company.  Currently, the company has a contract manufacturing agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for producing Metered Dose Inhaler products. These partnerships have provided BPL with much valuable expertise and know-how to manufacture world-class products.

The company offers a significant cost advantage as a manufacturer, as the average wage in Bangladesh is probably the lowest in the world, and at least two to three times lower than that in China or India. Prospective partners can benefit themselves with competitive advantages like the availability of highly skilled manpower at a very low cost, low energy cost, Govt. policy support, investor-friendly environment, etc.

Global Footprint
Beximco Pharma has so far exported medicines to more than 40 countries around the world. The company has a visible and growing presence in Asia, Africa, and other emerging markets while it continues to focus on the USA and other regulated markets for value-added generics. BPL has a clear strategy to capitalize on the generic drug opportunities in overseas markets and it became the first Bangladeshi company to export medicines to Europe and Australia as well as the only company to enter the US market through the acquisition of product ANDA. The company has also emerged as the largest pharma contract manufacturing partner for MNCs both at home and abroad.

BPL products are widely prescribed by physicians with trust and confidence and are being supplied to renowned hospitals and institutions in many countries, including Raffles Hospital, Healthway Medical Group and K K Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Singapore, MEDS and Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya, CENABLAST in Chile, and Asthma Drug Facility (ADF) of France.

Research & Development
Our product development team continues its strong research orientation in formulation development to transform BPL into a truly international one. As a generic drug company, we have given top priority to building and strengthening capabilities to excel in formulating technologically complex products in order to create strong differentiation. Our R&D team develops a wide range of generic products including difficult-to-copy formulations in defined specialty areas. We have successfully developed multi-layer tablets, sustained-release formulations, dispersible tablets, CFC-free inhalers, prefilled syringes, lyophilized injectables, sterile ophthalmic, etc. We have made a number of submissions with EU and US regulatory authorities while there is a growing pipeline of submissions for the regulated markets. Our research and development activities are closely focused on market needs and driven by technological progress. A new, state-of-the-art research lab is being set up to facilitate the development of innovative and difficult products with a focus on creating unique market opportunities.

19 Dhanmondi R/A, Road No. 7, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh.
Phone:  +880-2-58611001-7
Fax:  +880-2-58613888, +880-2-58614601

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