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Cancer treatment on a cellular level


The most common treatments for cancer are radiation and chemotherapy. However they have side effects and also damage healthy tissues. Moreover, their effectiveness is limited when the cancer has spread through out the body. Researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute are therefore working to develop a gentler treatment that ‘tricks’ …

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Dialysis may soon be a thing of the past


A team of US nephrologists is developing first-of-its kind implantable artificial kidney with microchip filters and living kidney cells that will be powered by a patient’s own heart to help kidney patients. Dr William H. Fissell IV, nephrologist and associate professor of medicine from Tennessee-based Vanderbilt University, is making major …

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PPIs Could Raise Chronic Kidney Disease Risk


(Jeannette Y. Wick): Chronic kidney disease (CKD) incidence has grown faster than many of its common comorbidities such as diabetes and hypertension, and medications may be an underappreciated driver of this growth. More than 15 million Americans used prescription proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) in 2013. PPIs are often used inappropriately …

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Financing facility to scale up health services under SDGs


The World Bank (WB) and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Mohammad Nasim on Sunday launched the Global Financing Facility (GFF) involving $30 million in grant from the WB to improve health and quality of life of the country’s women, adolescents and children in accordance with the sustainable development …

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E-cigarettes may lead to cancer, Beware!


Marketed as a safer alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes could actually damage cells in ways that could lead to cancer, suggests new research. In laboratory tests, the researchers found that even nicotine-free versions of e-cigarettes could make human cells cancerous. “Based on the evidence to date, I believe …

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‘DNA diet’ against obesity


Here’s good news for big eaters who want to stay slim and healthy— the “DNA diet’’ is on the way. By 2020, genome-specific diets could help people lose weight who failed other ways, researchers report in the journal Obesity. “Although a genetic basis for obesity and body composition has been …

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Coffee could boost athlete’s performance


Caffeine in a morning cup of coffee can help improve athletic endurance, reveals a new study. “Coffee is a popular source of caffeine, so this paper looked at the research surrounding its ergogenic benefits,” said the study author Simon Higgins from University of Georgia in the US. The scientists reviewed …

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Tk 50,000 health insurance for poor from January


Bangladesh government will introduce a Tk 50,000 health insurance to facilitate healthcare for the poor from January. ‘From January next year, the health insurance will be formally initiated as pilot project,’ said Health Minister Mohammed Nasim at signing ceremony of deal regarding the matter. Health and Family Planning Ministry and …

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Opioid abuse propels record US deaths from overdose: CDC

US deaths from drug overdoses hit a record high in 2014, propelled by abuse of prescription painkillers and heroin, the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday. Drug overdoses increased 6.5 percent in 2014 from a year earlier, killing 47,055 people. The highest rates of death from …

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Diabetes epidemic is growing, warns WHO


Before the World Diabetes Day on Saturday, the World Health Organisation says the diabetes epidemic is growing in many countries. Diabetes is a global epidemic which kills one person every six seconds and over 5 million every year. To put the spotlight on the urgent need to act against diabetes, …

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Ensure healthcare for the poor, PM tells pro-govt doctors


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the doctors to ensure healthcare services for the poor in Bangladesh. She made the appeal at the inauguration of the fourth national council of pro-government Swachip on Friday in Dhaka. “Rise above petty interests. What matters most is how much [you] serve the people,” …

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