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deep-laid-logoDeep-Laid Pharmaco Ltd. a committed medicine manufacturer in Bangladesh started her journey with alternative medicine in 2000. From the very beginning, Deep-Laid Pharmaco is committed to its conscience to serve the nation with quality medicine. Nature is our best source, it gives us oxygen to live in every moment and fundamental demand; i.e. food, clothing, housing, and life-saving drugs. Therefore Deep-Laid started her service to mankind with quality herbal medicine. The company has a modern production unit with sophisticated technology and to date quality control department.

We believe that experienced and expert physicians with quality medicines can only ensure better human life. Deep-Laid Pharmco has exerted endless efforts to produce quality products. The company is always devoted to ensuring the high quality of Homoeo, Unani, and herbal medicines by implementing state of the art.

With the cooperation of the physician community, Deep-Laid has been able to achieve a prestigious position in the field of Homeo and Unani medicine manufacturing. Deep-Laid wishes to expand its business arena internationally.

To establish Deep-Laid as a brand synonymous with Quality countrywide & globally; to consolidate in International market by adapting to the local market requirements; to develop as a creative company with flexible organizational culture that allows it to enter into strategic partnerships gaining competitive advantages; to provide its consumers complete product satisfaction through their therapeutic, nutritional and cosmetic effects; to invest in scientific research of natural (herbal) raw material with proven and time tested therapeutic advantages; to introduce new products that improve general health of mankind whilst making it a commercial success.

In Deep Laid Pharmaco Ltd, quality is a journey, not a goal. Hence its target to improve quality never ends up. DPL continuously tries to set higher standards, feels passionate, and scientific way to achieve all that. The aim of DPL’s quality policy is “Quality the unite measure.

The objectives of Deep Laid Pharmaco Ltd.’s quality policy are:
•    To maintain and improve the status of an integrated natural health care remedy company through the acquisition of state-of-the-art skills and facilities and enhance the competency of human resources through appropriate relevant training programs.
•    To adopt and to adhere strictly with WHO CGMP, and GACP Guidelines with respect to procure, formulation, production, quality assurance, marketing, and distribution of regulatory specification of local authority.
•    To practice and continually improve the “quality management system (QMS)” in its morality to insistently meet customers’ needs globally.
•    To review and upgrade the “Quality Audit program” to match regularity requirements.

Production Facilities
The state-of-the-art Deeplaid Pharmaco plant, located at Matuail, Southpara, Demra about 5 km from central Dhaka, is well equipped with highly sophisticated facilities. The company manufactures medicines of a wide range of therapeutic classes like anti-ulcerants, anti-inflammatories, analgesics, antipyretics, natural vitamins & minerals, anti-cough, antidiabetics, laxatives, anti-asthma, male aphrodisiacs, female tonic, anti hemorrhoids, antifungal, nerve stimulant, natural local pain killer, etc. under both Unani & Homoeopathic system in this plant. We have a total of 40,000 square feet of floor area that was built in 2006 to manufacture this type of natural product for humans. Each and every person in the plant is working relentlessly to uphold our international quality. We follow the WHO-approved GMP guidelines and implement them strictly. To maintain and follow the international standard we already achieved the GMP certificate and ISO (9001: 2008). Every step of the production process is controlled by the Quality Assurance department. And we never with quality of our product. We use various types of herbs, animals& minerals which are collected from home & abroad. Besides, we also use some refined extract which is directly imported from many other countries like China, Korea India, etc. For liquid extract, we use our GMP standard Herbal Extraction plant.

Like other of our competitor companies Deeplaid Pharmaco’s plants are equipped with modern technology-based upgraded machinery like a Fluid bed dryer, Rapid mixture granulator, Compactor, GMP model Tablet compression machine, Auto capsule filling machine, Liquid Auto Filling Liner, Blister Packing Machine, Auto ointment filling liner, DM Plant, Agitator, Succussion machine, Triturating machine, Hydraulic Filter press for maintain our product quality in every aspect of our product. Our entire production facilities are covered with a controlled (particle) air-conditioning system.

We are going to manufacture nasal drops first time as an herbal manufacturing farm in Bangladesh. We are also trying to introduce an herbal form of ophthalmic product first time in Bangladesh.

Quality Assurance:
Quality assurance is an organized department in Deeplaid Pharmaco Ltd. that deals with ensuring the quality of the product up to the end user. In the 1980s the approach for assuring product quality extended the responsibilities of quality control far beyond the area of testing and compliance checks, and the concept of quality assurance was developed:

QA= Product design + GMP + QC + Quality goal activities

Research & Development:
Good health is one of today’s most important challenges. To ensure that for more than 14 years Dpl has been committed to improving people’s health and quality of life.

We do so by researching & developing plant-based medicines and healthcare products. Drug development focuses on the immune system, nervous system, and cardiovascular diseases as well as on respiratory and urological indications. Besides this a very special type of phytomedicin, we are trying to develop which may help to remedy the disease especially concurs and diabetes. Our research and development carried on flowing the basic principles of research. This can be divided into basically four phases.
1.    Basic research
2.    Preclinical research
3.    Formulation development
4.    Clinical research

The research process starts with the screening of new plants, subsequently, special entreats from the plants are developed. Modern production technology leads to a product in which beneficial bioactive principles are enriched. At the same time, harmful components are eliminated from the extract. The derived plant extracts are thoroughly screened using relevant pharmacological and toxicological models to ensure optimal customer safety. The efficacy and safety of our products are investigated in clinical trials prior to their introduction into the markets. Such trials are performed and monitored by our own clinical research unit in accordance with the ICH-GCP guidelines.

Al-Habib Complex, 53/1, Kaptan Bazar (5th Floor), Wari, Dhaka- 1203, Bangladesh.
Phone: +88-027125551, +88-027121585
Fax: +88-02-7125931

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