DGDA office moved from Motijhil to Mohakhali, new ornate building

dgda-building-newThe office address of the Directorate General of Drug Administration has been changed in the new year. After more than three decades old-fashioned built office address of DGDA has been moved from 105, Motijheel Commercial Area to the campus of the Institute of Public Health, Mohakhali. The Official activities are underway with new enthusiasm in the new ornate building in the new year.

According to the Annual Bulletin published by DGDA, there are 275 Allopathic drug manufacturers in Bangladesh who are producing medicine & raw materials of 12,865 crore taka. In addition, there are 266 Unani drug manufacturers, 205 Ayurvedic drug manufacturers, 79 Homeopathic drug manufacturers, and 32 herbal drug manufacturers who are producing the medicine of 750 crore taka. There are also 1,15,439 registered Pharmacies in this country.

Under the existing rules, DGDA is responsible for controlling and managing the whole activities of drug manufacturing and selling organizations.

Responsibilities of DGDA:
1.    To ensure the quality, safety, efficacy, and usefulness of all kinds of drugs and medicines including Homeopathic, Unani, Ayurvedic, and Herbal drugs which are produced, imported, and marketed in the country and also exported overseas.
2.    To make essential drugs available and affordable to the common people of the country.

Major Functions of DGDA:
1.    Evaluation of the proposals of new projects for all systems of medicines.
2.    Issue and renewal of drug manufacturing licenses.
3.    Issue and renewal of retail and wholesale drug licenses.
4.    Registration and renewal of drug products.
5.    Fixation of price and certification of price for drug products.
6.    Inspection of pharmaceutical establishments
7.     Approval of block list for the import of raw- and packaging materials.
8.    Approval of indent for import of finished drugs.
9.    Surveillance and pharmacovigilance activity
10.    Prosecution of cases in the drug courts   and other courts
11.    Issue of export licenses, FSC (Free Sales Certificate), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certificate & CPP (Certificate for Pharmaceutical Products.)

Several senior officials of DGDA told Motijheel’s building was very old. Though once upon a time DGDA started with small space and capacity, now the prevalence of activities of the pharmaceutical sector has increased manifold. As a result, the management of the growing pharmaceutical industry operations has faced problems with that building.

They also said the Director, Deputy Directors, and Assistant Directors were huddled to work in small rooms. The storage and management of the necessary files & documents were also problematic.

The evidence seized during the operation of mobile courts and medicines could not be stored properly. Many foreign guests related to this sector were shocked to see the environment of that office.

The current and updated contact details of DGDA are as under below:
Address: Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.
Tel: 8802 9880803, 9880864, 9880897, 9880924
Fax: 8802 9880854
Email: dgda.gov@gmail.com
Website:  www.dgda.gov.bd

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