Incepta introduced First Ever Locally Manufactured Antivenom Injection in Bangladesh

antivenomFirst Ever Locally Manufactured Antivenom Injection Introduced in Bangladesh Market by Incepta Vaccine Ltd. Antivenom injection is the preparation of snake venom antiserum. In Bangladesh, about 8000 snake bites occur annually with more than 20% mortality.
Snake bite causes serious systemic or neurological complications such as bleeding disorder leading to fatal hemorrhage, permanent disability, or death. Treatment of snake bite is neglected and is left to traditional ozha or kaviraj which lead to death. Snake venom antiserum is the mainstay of treatment after a snake bite. But in Bangladesh, this life-saving antiserum was not available everywhere in every season due to there being no local manufacturer and a lack of a cold chain system.
Now Incepta Vaccine Ltd. has introduced snake venom antiserum for the first time in Bangladesh with the brand name Antivenom. Antivenom is manufactured by applying high-tech lyophilization technology which is very stable and can be stored at room temperature. Antivenom is available in a 10 ml vial. After reconstitution, it should be given as an infusion.

Incepta Vaccine Ltd. is the first human vaccine manufacturing company in Bangladesh that acquires the knowledge and technology to manufacture vaccines for human use. The manufacturing unit is situated at Zirabo, Savar which is conveniently located at the outskirt of Dhaka city. We are completely devoted to protecting the vast population of Bangladesh as well as the developing world from various infectious illnesses and thereby reducing the mortality rate from fatal diseases.

Incepta Vaccine Ltd was launched in June 2011 with the prime objective of providing vaccines at an affordable cost. We have a vision to continue developing novel vaccines against diseases of the developing world.

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