Job Interests of Bangladeshi Pharmacists!

sheikh-feroz-uddin-ahmed(Sheikh Feroz Uddin Ahmed): Pharmacists of the developed countries are, in most cases, interested in joining Hospital and Community Pharmacy practice oriented jobs. We the Bangladeshi Pharmacists have to understand and sponsor such conceptions of pharmacy practice oriented education. We have to uphold the roles and to support & feel the importance of pharmacy practice for our people. Courses and curriculum of the present pharmacy education in Bangladeshi universities are giving careful attention to the matters of inclusion of practice oriented pharmacy courses and subjects.

Now a days, Pharmacy education in Bangladesh aims that the Graduate Pharmacists are to be capable of producing good quality drugs in the Pharmaceutical industry and also have to work for proper drug distribution with the rational drug distribution considerations for reaching the therapeutic outcomes.

In coming days Insha-Allah, Bangladeshi Pharmacists will work in all of the distribution outlets of drug (hospitals and community based pharmacy); so that misuses or medication errors are not allowed to pass to the consumers and patients. Pharmacists will be regularly checking drug misuses and other therapeutic anomalies; so that the good quality drugs are used in good and sensible ways.

Pharmacists are even now, ready in ensuring such social & professional responsibilities in delivering the good practices of pharmacy (for which society produces them) like the other parts and countries of the world. For the purpose, Pharmacists are to be ready to get the distribution and drug use management positions as the Doctor of Pharmacy in hospitals and in the community healthcare institutions and centers of Bangladesh. Will the people and the government nurture such sort of desires and prerogatives (professional rights) of the Pharmacists?

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