Medical Representative: a challenging profession

medical-representativeThe pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh are growing day by day. Those companies are regularly coming up with new drugs into market. And there are the other existing drugs also. To promote the drugs to the doctors are the main responsibility of Medical Representatives (MR). A report was published today in the Daily Prothom Alo. The pharmaceutical companies appoint those guys throughout the year. But the designation may vary company to company. Some companies appoint that position with the designation of Medical Promotion Officer (MPO), Medical Information Officer (MIO), Professional Services Officer (PSO), Medical Services Officer (MSO) etc where the responsibilities are same as Medical Representative (MR). It is a challenging job.

The General Manager of the Human Resources Department of Aristopharma Limited Md. Monirul Islam said to Prothom Alo, people in this profession are being employed to inform the doctors about the drugs. What drugs are producing by different pharmaceuticals, why and how the drugs will work, what is the difference between the new drugs with the existing drugs; mainly they are giving this information.

Md. Monirul Islam also said, it is a challenging profession. The people in this profession are engaged in the study until the last day of life. They are helping the society by informing the doctors about the benefits of different drugs, as well as the constant connection with the science they are doing to improve themselves.

Mr. Monirul also said, the drugs market is very large, so the demand for this profession is much more. At least 10,000 skilled manpower are required in this sector each year depending on the increased coverage of the drugs market, increased production of the companies, and creation of vacancy including variety of subjects.

What are the qualities required to start career in this profession said to Prothom Alo about this by Mr. Rise Uddin Ahmed, the Asst. General Manager of the Human Resource Department of Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd. He said candidates must have a bachelor degree. Priority is given to master degree holders. Though Science up to master degree was the compulsory but currently the pharmaceutical companies are recruiting the candidates with science in any degree. However, science up to SSC is compulsory but few companies are being relaxed this condition for highly qualified candidates.

Mr. Rise said about the condition of science up to SSC is compulsory, after the appointment of the candidates are trained on various topics relating to drugs. If the appointed person has basic idea about the science, they can easily understand the matter of different various components of Medical Sciences and chemicals in the training.

Initially, a medical representative can get the salary of 15,000 taka to 20,000 taka per month. The allowances for field work will also be added to this. In all, the monthly wages is 20,000 taka to 25,000 taka per month. Different incentives are offered periodically to consider competency of them based on work. In addition to the financial benefits the incentives are training and trip opportunities to abroad. Apart from this there have an opportunity of quick promotion and increment. There are also have the opportunities for promotion quickly after starting career from Representative step by step to Area Manager, Regional Manager, Sales Manager, then will have the opportunity to become Head of Sales. There are many instances have to reach into the highest level of the companies.

Mr. M. Mohibuzzaman, the COO of ACI Pharmaceuticals started his career as Medical Representative in Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in 1980. Md. Rafiqul Islam also started his career as Medical Representative where he ended his career as the CEO of R.A.K Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. Those who want to come into this profession, these 2 people can be their bright example and Idol.

The Sr. Manger of the Human Resource Department of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Mr. Younus Ali said to Prothom Alo, the recruiting process of this profession varies from company to company. However, almost every organization follows a general process. There are two types of people are usually recruited. In most cases the fresh candidates are appointed, the experienced candidates are also recruited in some cases especially for the manager level if needed. Generally the job circular to recruit the experienced persons is not given the advertisement in the newspaper. Experienced candidates are invited from the known contacts of the company’s in-house employees who are eligible.

The job circular for the fresher is giving advertisement in the newspaper and online job portal on regular basis. Most of them follow Walk-in-interview process for this profession. After selecting from the first interview with justifying the required qualification and documents they are being called for an initial training. Those who do well in the training they have to appear into the final written and viva. The selected candidates from that written and viva examination are being appointed finally.

Mr. Yunus also said, through this job is field work, but there is equal opportunity for women also in the profession. According to the needs and abilities along with the men, several companies are appointed the women also. However, there are some differences in women’s work which vary from company to company. Though some companies are also giving the sales target to the women along with the normal job to promote the drugs to the doctors and chemists, few companies limit the women’s job for the promotional purpose only.

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