Novo Nordisk ranks 1st among the global sustainable pharma companies

novo-nordisk-logoDanish drugmaker Novo Nordisk has been ranked first among the pharmaceutical industries in the 2016 global list of 100 most sustainable corporations, released by the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

The world’s biggest insulin maker, in a statement on Tuesday, said the company ranked 19 in the overall list.

The Index highlights global companies that are most proactive in managing their environmental and social performances along with their corporate governance issues.

Novo Nordisk says the ranking reflects its “strong performance on maintaining a balanced CEO to average worker pay ratio, and improved carbon productivity by decreasing carbon emissions”.

“Sustainability for Novo Nordisk is about staying in business for the next generations and our Triple Bottom Line approach is how we think long-term to be a successful business and deliver more value to our customers,” Susanne Stormer, Vice President of Novo Nordisk’s Corporate Sustainability was quoted as saying.

Companies named to the global 100 index are the top overall sustainability performers in their respective industrial sectors.

Novo Nordisk was selected from a starting universe of 4,609 listed companies with a market capitalization greater than $2 billion, says the drugmaker. (Source:

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