Pharmacy Practice Act is Essential for Our Healthcare System

sheikh-feroz-uddin-ahmed(Sheikh Feroz Uddin Ahmed): Statutes on the practice of Pharmacy are the laws that are enacted by the legislature in the parliament of a country. Statutes of Pharmacy are usually of general sorts and require the support of specific rules as made by the Board of Pharmacy of the country.

The Board of Pharmacy has the responsibility for implementing and regulating the statutes of pharmacy in the country. Rules to administer and control the specific aspects of the practice of pharmacy are prepared by the Board of Pharmacy. And the Board of Pharmacy can not make any specific rule for the practice of pharmacy in the absence of the legislatively made general laws for the good practices of Pharmacy in the Act.

Bangladesh needs to promulgate a comprehensive set of statutes in the form of an Act, namely the Pharmacy Practice Act of Bangladesh; for establishing and ensuring good practices of Pharmacy in the country. And the Act is expected to contain all of the required sorts of the general laws to regulate the practices of pharmacy in securing the necessary standard of services for the good provisions of pharmacy in our healthcare system.

Bangladesh has ordained ‘The Pharmacy Ordinance 1976’ (hereunder mentioned as ‘the ordinance’) to regulate the practice of pharmacy. With due respect to the legislature; sorry in stating that the statutes of the ordinance contains and mainly aims to create the Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh to regulate the good practices of pharmacy. The ordinance has unaccounted limitations that are necessary as the general laws in regulating the good practices of pharmacy in the healthcare system.

The ordinance has many of the limitations/& unavailable laws that include-

  1. Necessary and appropriate definitions eg. Pharmacy, Pharmacists, Dispense, Prescription, Good Practice of Pharmacy, Profession of Pharmacy etc.
  2. Many of the required laws are unavailable eg. Appropriate and required laws regarding the qualifications and statement of the responsibilities etc for the licensure of Pharmacy Pharmacy Technicians and the Pharmacists.
  3. Laws required for handling and processing prescriptions.
  4. Laws required for pharmacy systems and permits.
  5. Laws required for securing the standard pharmacy practices; and such other enormous number of laws.

Conclusion: Without the promulgation/enactment of a comprehensive set of laws in the form of a Pharmacy Practice Act, Bangladesh can in no way successfully upgrade and regulate the good practices of Pharmacy to support with better provisions of pharmacy services for the useful and secured healthcare system for our people.

It is a highly requested plea to our government from the Pharmacists, and may also be altogether, considered as one of the highly essential sort of the necessary statutes to enact in improving the quality of the pharmaceutical care oriented deliveries in the national healthcare system; from the patients and the people of Bangladesh.

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