Pharmacy salesman dispensed wrong medicine: chicken pox instead of Anti fungal

As pharmacy salesman from Feni dispensed a medicine of chicken pox but the patient asked anti fungal medicine. A patient named Mr. Arif went to a physician Mizanur Rahman Beg of Bayezid’s Health Service Center located in Mukto Bazar, Feni for the treatment of nail fungus by the consultancy fee of BDT 700/-. Then the physician prescribed some medication for nail problems and told the patient to buy from their own pharmacy.

When the patient gone to the Pharmacy and shown his prescription then the pharmacy salesman given a medicine named Clarixol ointment and told the patient that another 2 medicines Terbex cream & tablet are not available to them right then. But they have another company’s same generic medicine.

The patient asked the pharmacy salesman to confirm that the same generic or not, confirm by the pharmacy salesman. Then the patient bought all that 3 medicines Clarixol & Novirax and back to his own home.

feni-pharmacy-problemThe patient confused after checking the insert into the medicine box of Novirax where he found that this is the medicine of chicken pox. Then he also checked the both medicine prescribed by physician Terbex is Terbinafine which is used in Anti-fungal treatment but the Novirax is Acyclovir which is used in Chicken pox treatment.

Then he returned again to the physician’s chamber and found the physician was busy with patients. After certain period the patient explained the whole matter to the physician. Then the physician told the patient “that is the problem of that pharmacy not mine” though the physician suggested the patient to buy from that pharmacy.

Then the patient gone to that pharmacy and returned his money back by the changing the medicine and purchased the medicines from another pharmacy. The patient Mr. Arif said this is general factor of our healthcare system. Now need to awareness about our medication.

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