Pharmacy Education in Public Universities of Bangladesh

Pharmacy Education in Bangladesh started its journey in 1964 after the establishment of the Department of Pharmacy in the University of Dhaka. In 1st July 1964, PHARMACY Education started its endless journey under the supervision of Professor Emeritus Dr. Abdul Jabbar which roams around him till today. However, Pharmacy as a profession was recognized in Bangladesh after the promulgation of Pharmacy Ordinance 1976. Initially, the academic curriculum consisted of a 3-years Bachelor (Hon’s) and 1-year Master of Pharmacy programs. Later on, the undergraduate program was upgraded to 4-years Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hon’s) degree in 1996 in public universities.

Currently, there are 12 public universities in Bangladesh offering Bachelor of Pharmacy & Master of Pharmacy programs. Most of the universities are offering 4-years Bachelor degree and 1 year Master degree. But very few are offering 5-years Bachelor degree and 1.5-years and 2 years Master degree. The list of public universities who are providing the Pharmacy education in Bangladesh is as below: