Regular intercourse ensures sound body, mind

sexual(Dr. Solaiman Ansari): Regular sex keeps both body and mind healthy. There are some beneficial sides of regular sex as follows.

Increases immunity:

Due to having the immunity power in sex, sexually active people suffer from diseases comparatively few. Viral and bacterial infections are reduced for regular sexual activities. The researchers of Wilkes University in Pennsylvania in this connection said the students of different universities and colleges who came to each other at physical contact once or twice a week gained higher levels of the certain antibody compared to students who did it lessly.

Improves sexual power:

Due to increasing the blood circulation in the genitals, sexual power increases gradually. Lubricity of vagina develops among the women who perform intercourse regularly. Sexual satisfaction is increased for improvement of bladder, a recent research reported.

Heart attack risk lessens as blood pressure declines:

A regular and satiable sexual life can ensure a sound heart. Besides, heart attack risk reduces for increasing heart rate. The level of estrogen and testosterone reduces and keeps Heart’s common movement okay. Anxiousness is declined and mind becomes satisfied following the regular and satiable sex life.

Regular sex kills pain:

Blood circulation becomes speedy in the muscle and joints. Moreover, pains are killed following the sexual activities regularly. Dr. Barry R. Komisaruk, Researcher of State University of New Jersey, said that during the sex, concentration is diverted to feelings and persons forget their pains.

Lowers prostate cancer risk:  

According to the American Medical Association, risk of prostate cancer is declined among the people who ejaculate at least 21 times a month. However, sexual intercourse, masturbation and night pressure were all part of the calculation.

Guarantees sound sleeps:

Due to movement of almost all limbs of the body, mental satisfaction is gained after sex as it is an exercise. Besides, after sex, a sound sleep is very common and mind becomes fresh. Because, polatrin hormone is released from the body by sexual intercourse.

Boost self-esteem, happiness:

If sex is done with beloved or spouse, and maintained social bondage, enough mental satisfaction would be gained by the partners. All sorts of anxiety would be removed from the minds of partners whenever they comes to each other.

So, sex will satisfy not only physically but also mentally. Moreover, healthy body and mind would be gained through a disciplined intercourse. Have a nice and healthy life!! (Source: Amar Health)

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