Remedy from nappy rash

Nappy-RashNappy rash is a very common problem for the kids. It occurs due to irritation of the perianal skin due to persistent irritation by urine and feces. It may occur due to use of occlusive plastic plant.

The affected area become red, excoriated, itchy and sometimes weepy. If the situation is not taken in to account superadded fungal and bacterial infections are not unlikely.

But how to handle the problem? The following tips may help to some extent.

  1. Leave the nappy off while at home and allow air to come in contact; keep the area dry as far as possible.
  2. Change the nappy as and when necessary.
  3. Use quality napkin.
  4. Wipes the area often.
  5. Clean the area with Luke warm water.
  6. Do not use talc powder or any other powder.
  7. Do not use tight plastic pants.
  8. Zinc oxide cream use is very helpful. If not improve mild steroid with antifungal cream may be applied.
  9. Home made soft cloth nappy is an effective alternative to nappy available in market.
  10. Olive oil may be used during nappy change.

[sociallocker] Sometimes mothers ask whether nappy can be used at night or during sleep. [/sociallocker] Yes it can be used but better to avoid during night. (Source: Amar Health)

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