Bangladesh is going to export drugs in USA this March for the first time

bd-usa-flagFor the first time, Bangladesh is going to export medicines in USA in March this year. The President of Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (BAPI) Mr. Nazmul Hasan Papon said in a seminar organized by Brac University yesterday.

In a seminar titled “Challenges and opportunities for sustainable growth of the Pharmaceuticals industry in Bangladesh” held in Brac Center Mr. Papon said “when I go to England or Australia, I hear that grew up children want to wear the Bangladesh Cricket shirt, collect Bangladesh Flag. I would like to assure that within four years Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Industry will reach must in that position also. For the first time in history it is going to happen to export the medicines to USA in March this year.”

The keynote speaker of this seminar was the Professor of Finance & Economics Department of the Rutgers University (USA) Mr. Hasan Mahmud. Though he praised the progress of the pharmaceutical sector, he thinks that there is a deficit of research to grow up this industry. According to him, industries could be hampered unless the drug discovery. Though Bangladesh have extended TRIPS Agreement to produce the patent drugs here up to 2033 as LDC, how the country is moving up it may not be as LDC then. That’s why we need to be prepared for this said.

The Advisor of Brac Business School Mr. Rahim Talukder said there is need a co-ordination between the drug manufacturers and researchers.

The teacher of Institute of Business Administration Mr. Anwar Syed Farhat told in this seminar, now Square Pharma, Incepta Pharma & Beximco Pharma are working only with Dhaka University although short time.

The seminar was attended by the representatives of the country’s top pharmaceuticals. Many of them said the shortage of skilled manpower. The Head of the Department of Pharmacy of Brac University Mrs. Eva Rahman Kabir said, there is a need of discussion what the pharmaceutical companies want from the university.

Meanwhile the President of Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (BAPI) Mr. Nazmul Hasan Papon said the course curriculum covers the subjects are taught not suitable for global markets. But those who are working in the pharmaceutical companies, they are suitable for the domestic market. Once upon a time, the drugs market was in hands of foreign companies. Now the top 10 are domestic companies. The Bangladeshis are working efficiently here. They learn faster when the matters come in front.

According to the seminar, several international institutions are now becoming interested in working with Bangladesh. The drugs manufactured in Bangladesh are being marketed to Sandoz Singapore, Myanmar and other companies also. These drugs are being exported to Australia and European countries also said in the seminar.

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